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Convert Online English to Urdu Language. English to Urdu typing editor from Right to Left. Simple online tool to convert English to Urdu by using google transliterate API. Google API can automatically convert your typed English words into Urdu words. Google also provide suggestion so that you always get the best and exact result. This tool is very good for those who are not good in Urdu typing, you can simply type you sentences in English and this tool convert it into Urdu words. You can copy all the converted paragraph and paste on your website/blog anywhere which support Urdu fonts.

How it works?

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English to Urdu

The most powerful tool to convert your English sentences into Urdu words with a single click. Urdu is one of popular language in India and widely spoken. Around 155 Million people in India and around the world can speak or understand Urdu very comfortably.

Type and Share

The online English to Urdu converter tool is very simple to use, just type your word and press enter or space, the word will automatically converted into your language. Just copy and share it to facebook or whatsapp or anywhere you like.

The Urdu language has some of the oldest literature of all modern Indian languages, dating back to around 600 AD.

Why use English to Urdu converter: Urdu is the native language of residence of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar states of Northern India. As the use of mobile is increasing the requirements of English to Urdu converter is also increasing.

There are varieties of Urdu language in speaking in Northern India in UP and Bihar. Urdu is the second tongue in many states and taught as a primary language and language of instruction.

Urdu is the 7th most-spoken language of INDIA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

I am not getting the exact Urdu word.
If you are not getting the exact Urdu word even after changing the English text, please press backspace to know more Urdu word options.
How does English To Urdu text translation works?
You only need to type your message in Urdu by using English Characters. Your text will automatically be converted into Urdu.
Can we convert complete paragraph?
Yes, you can but you need to type it or past it and press space or enter after every word.
Is it free to use online English to Urdu converter tool?
Yes, its totally free to use.
Why the Site is not using SSL
The online English to Urdu tool is not compatible with SSL.

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